Historic Venues Spotlight: Cadillac Lounge

Aug 19, 2014 03:11PM

The Cadillac is not simply a car, and hasn’t been for a long time now. The name itself conjures up irresistible nostalgia, specifically an America that may not exist anymore: one filled with white t-shirts and blue jeans, greasy pompadours and beehive hairdos, hip-flask whiskey and late night make-out spots. It’s a vehicle capable of acting as a time machine, bringing passengers back to a time when cigarettes weren’t so dangerous yet and you and your best friends could get in a fistfight with another gang of guys and make it out. In short, the Cadillac is a symbol of original, true rock ‘n’ roll America, and if that world indeed still exists anywhere, it may only be in places like The Cadillac Lounge. And places like the Cadillac Lounge only exist because of people like owner Sam Grosso. Sam, born and raised in Kensington Market, looks like Bruce Springsteen if you doubled him in size, soft-spoken, clad-in-plaid, with massive hands and a natural, blue-collar air about him. Either people like him exist because of rock ‘n’ roll, or rock ‘n’ roll exists because of people like him. He opened the Cadillac Lounge in June 2000, 14 years ago, and it just so happens that when Noisey sits down to talk with him on Aug. 16, it’s the 37th anniversary of Elvis' death.

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