The Francesco Fund with Tia Brazda

May 13th at 6pm

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Sam and Lia Grosso of Toronto's Cadillac Lounge have an intimate awareness of the T1D community. Their oldest child Francesco was diagnosed at two years old. As a result of the incredible support they received from the Diabetes team at SickKids Hospital, the Grosso's resolved to make an annual effort to support the unique challenges faced by T1D families. 
2017 will mark the eighth year raising funds for newly diagnosed T1D families. The annual event has been held at the Cadillac Lounge, and features live music,  locally donated items rounding out an amazing silent auction. 
The event is still growing and is a labour of love. To date the Grosso's have raised over $30,000 for the Diabetes clinic. Funds are allocated solely for T1D families and are disseminated through the intake diagnosis process. Due to the exorbitantly expense of Diabetes management supplies, Francesco's Fund provides financial support to families with a variety of financial need who are not receiving support via other elsewhere. 
Whether it's because of loss of employment or little medical coverage, we have found that a small financial boost does much more for these families than just provide cash. We have repeatedly heard from members of the diabetes team to families themselves that to receive such assistance at a harrowing time like diagnosis gives families strength and hope. It let's them know there is a community who understands and supports them during this difficult time and allows them time to get it all together. 
Lia & Sam Grosso are proud of the leaps and bounds their son Francesco has made in his own T1D management, his independence and his particular and unique compassion towards the experiences of others. They credit that awareness to his own personal experiences. 
The Grosso family are planning the next Francesco's Fund event for Saturday May 13th 6-9pm at the Cadillac Lounge. Musical talent provided by Tia Brazda. Tickets are $40 with all proceeds going to the fund. 
If anyone is interested in assisting with the event, please contact Lia Grosso directly at 647-291-0550 or liagrosso@rogers.com

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